A Dream Come True – Almost But Not Quite

“They accepted your offer.” Four words that opened a floodgate of emotions, hurried tasks and excitement. We have been thinking, praying, planning, and working toward this for at least 4 or 5 years now. The time is finally here! We finally have the homestead that we have been hoping for. To our surprise, our first offer for a new home was accepted. Everything has been going smoothly.


Almost Property - E. Jean Homestead


A Dream Come True – almost. This was the first paragraph of the blog post that never came to be.


I do not want to write a long, detailed poetic post about this situation. The summary is we were steps away from purchasing a property, it did not happen and we are all disappointed.


As we move forward from this experience, we have a new realtor that we are working with. We have learned lessons about the homebuying process. I am not over it. It still hurts. As more time passes, I find that the disappointment does not seem to improve. I am sure the reason for that is the fact that we are still on hunt for a new home. The housing market is competitive right now. Since this situation, we have made offers on four more houses that were all beat out by other offers.


There have been events in life that has left me in a state of disappointment. This event redefines disappointment for me.

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