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I enjoy long walks to the craft room, hot cups of sweet caffeine and the occasional glass of fermented grapes.

I am a crafty kind of lady which led me to create my company, Love Thy Hobby. It is a fun outlet for my creative energy.

I decided to create an online writing journal because I am trying to convince myself that it sounds better than blog; while also reducing some of my perceived responsibilities that come with blogging.

About Me

My Guys

My husband and my son mean the world to me.

The husband slows me down. We are two opposite people that somehow come together and make it work. I could not imagine doing life without him by my side.

The son, whom I affectionately call mini human, is a ball of stereotypical boy energy. I cannot believe how fast he is growing. He continues to amaze me with how intelligent and sweet he is.

My Guys
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Something New

My compilation of delicious tasting, made from scratch recipes. Our family’s goal is to eliminate processed foods from our diet and nourish our bodies with wholesome alternatives.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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