Planning For A Future Farm

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Took a break from planning for a future farm and writing our business plan to write about writing a business plan…


I have previously mentioned our family’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, where we live on our land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Recently, Husband and I have decided that we do not want good clean food for just our family. We also want to help other families in our community to have good clean food for themselves. As a result, the homestead business plan has officially been started. We are officially planning for a future farm. In fact, much of the business plan is already finished.

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Small Space Container Garden Update

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A few months back we went through some planning for our container garden. Since then, we have adjusted some of our container garden plans including adding to our original list. The plan to help Beth plant a garden was abruptly halted due to social distancing. Despite this, I pushed ahead to grow as much as possible for our family in our container garden. By utilizing the grow tower and other various containers, we have maximized our growing potential. We are using the space on the walkway leading up to our door in addition to some empty space underneath our bedroom window. So far, our little container garden is working out well. We have started to weigh everything that we harvest so at the end of the year we will be able to put a number on how much we grow.

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Small Space Gardening: Where To Begin?

Seed starting - E. Jean Homestead
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Small space gardening is my reality but I have huge garden dreams. I dream of a huge garden with long rows of raised beds. Those raised beds would come to life every Spring with an abundance of lush, green vegetables. I have a grand vision for my dream garden. Not having that dream garden is not stopping me from growing. Container gardening is a great option for apartment dwellers like us that want to grow their own food but are lacking large spaces to do it. I am going to use my experiences to put together as much information as I can for small space gardening. My warning is that I am not an expert. I have not been doing this for long. My thought is that if sharing my wins and losses helps someone in their journey, I’m all in.

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Container Garden Planning for a Small Space

Seed Shopping - E. Jean Homestead

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These are my plans for a small space container garden. I am adding the links to the products that I am referencing. However, to be clear, I am not recommending any product or service at this time. I am simply sharing what my plans are. I will give an honest review of each product or service that I use. I am not being compensated for my reviews.

Our little “garden”

Since we live in an apartment, we have very little space to utilize for growing a garden. We have a nice size screened in porch area but much of the direct sun is blocked by the short surrounding walls. Last summer, I grew two tomato plants on the walkway in front of our door. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. We only got 4 small tomatoes off of the two plants. I don’t see it as a failure though. It was a good learning experience. It also was a great motivator to want to try more.

This year we will be going vertical! We are buying a stackable planting system that will allow us to grow more in that same small space. I will be starting mostly everything inside in my office under a light a couple months before they will be put outside in this growing tower.

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