A Dream Come True – Almost But Not Quite

“They accepted your offer.” Four words that opened a floodgate of emotions, hurried tasks and excitement. We have been thinking, praying, planning, and working toward this for at least 4 or 5 years now. The time is finally here! We finally have the homestead that we have been hoping for. To our surprise, our first offer for a new home was accepted. Everything has been going smoothly.


Almost Property - E. Jean Homestead


A Dream Come True – almost. This was the first paragraph of the blog post that never came to be.


I do not want to write a long, detailed poetic post about this situation. The summary is we were steps away from purchasing a property, it did not happen and we are all disappointed.


As we move forward from this experience, we have a new realtor that we are working with. We have learned lessons about the homebuying process. I am not over it. It still hurts. As more time passes, I find that the disappointment does not seem to improve. I am sure the reason for that is the fact that we are still on hunt for a new home. The housing market is competitive right now. Since this situation, we have made offers on four more houses that were all beat out by other offers.


There have been events in life that has left me in a state of disappointment. This event redefines disappointment for me.

Our AirBNB Farm Stay Experience

The fellas and I just returned home from an incredible adventure. We indulged in a little AirBNB farm stay experience. It turned out to be a great way to get away from home and have one last trip before Mini Human starts kindergarten next week. When we decided that we wanted to live a homesteading lifestyle, we made that decision having never experienced it first hand. This week we experienced it and we absolutely loved it.

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Our Gingerbread Farm – The Decorations

Our gingerbread farm decorations evolved as we built it out. Although we planned the sizes of the structures to ensure everything would fit on our board, the decoration inspiration came as we saw and purchased items from the store. Thinking outside of the box while browsing the candy aisle at the grocery store was indeed the name of the game!

Husband and I put much of our time into the small details of the gingerbread build to make the scene as realistic as possible. While all of the materials are food items, we did not want a whimsical looking gingerbread house. That drove many of the decoration decisions. Let’s highlight a few of the decorations!


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Our Gingerbread Farm – The Basics

Our family has watched plenty of the gingerbread building and decorating contests on the food shows. I should not be surprised that editing makes gingerbread house building look easy, right? Personally, making my first gingerbread this year required more forethought than I initially expected. Determining sizes, materials and theme was my starting point. Many of our ideas came from searching the internet. We adapted what we found to fit our scale and plan.

Let’s explore the basic recipes and templates used for constructing the gingerbread farmhouse and barn. I encourage you to check out my previous post: My First Gingerbread House. 

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Planning For A Future Farm

Farm Business Plan - E. Jean Homestead

Took a break from planning for a future farm and writing our business plan to write about writing a business plan…


I have previously mentioned our family’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, where we live on our land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Recently, Husband and I have decided that we do not want good clean food for just our family. We also want to help other families in our community to have good clean food for themselves. As a result, the homestead business plan has officially been started. We are officially planning for a future farm. In fact, much of the business plan is already finished.

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Herbal Baths for Self-Care

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

Having time and a space to calm your mind and relax your body is arguably one of the fundamental practices in self-care. Herb-infused water has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. In fact, herbal tea is among the first medicines used by humans. Herbs are rich in nutrients and beneficial compounds. Herbal baths are an effective way to utilize the medicinal benefits within herbs. After all, the skin is the largest organ of absorption.

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An Open Letter to My Mother in Heaven


Heavenly Birthday - E. Jean Homestead

Dear Mom,

I never could have imagined what life would be like without you here. Mistakenly, I was under an impression that I would stop missing you so much.  We miss your company, your laugh and even your uniquely distinct sneezes.  Losing you changed us all.

Justin, Carter and I talk about you often. It took Carter months to understand that you were not coming home from the hospital. It was so hard to see our sweet boy run to his room to look for you after daycare or suggest we buy your favorite candy from the store. Now that he is a little older, those occasions have slowed down. He still forgets sometimes and suggests we call you or he will randomly tell me how he misses you. I am thankful that he still has memories of you to hold on to.

The three of us are so grateful that we were able to take care of you for those few months. It was the hardest thing that I have ever done. As a result, I complained and cried. I cried with you. At times, I cried for you. My heart broke watching you cry from the physical pain in your body. What was worse was the pain you felt in your heart, believing that the people you cared about so much did not reciprocate the care, time or generosity you gave them. I am sorry that you ever had to feel that.

There are many people that took you for granted. I realize that I personally took your presence here on Earth for granted. For that, I apologize. You are a part of me that can never be replaced. Your love and support spoke volumes in my life. I could have never guessed that the same love and support would carry over to my husband. I never truly knew how much you meant to him until you were gone. His pain matched mine. Your being here with us solidified a bond between you and him that he will forever cherish.

This is one of the reasons why E. Jean Homestead means so much to us. When we decided that we wanted that name, I was fearful. Fearful that I would fail and not achieve the goals that we set out. I was fearful that my past mistakes would block me from future success. When I get thoughts like this I try to remember all of the conversions you and I had about Justin and I wanting to homestead. I try to remember all of your encouraging words, reminders to pray and demands for perseverance. You have already told me that you are proud of me and that you know we can do it. Consequently, I will never have to wonder.  I will keep fighting because you did.

We miss you more than words can ever describe. We hope you have a wonderful birthday in heaven.

With Love,


My 10 Favorite Homesteading YouTube Channels

Homesteading YouTube - E. Jean Homestead

When I began researching, I thought to search for homesteading YouTube channels one day. Oh what a glorious rabbit hole that search took me down. One video led to more videos and different channels. Now I am hooked. Now that I think about it, I laugh. Is having a list of homesteading YouTube channels that I watch on a regular basis any different from the young kids nowadays watching YouTube videos of people playing games? Calling my nephew out on this one! Watching someone else live the lifestyle that you long for is, if nothing else, educational. Luckily for us, there is something else. In addition to educational, it is comforting and motivational.

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Container Garden Planning for a Small Space

Seed Shopping - E. Jean Homestead

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. For more information, visit my disclosure page.

These are my plans for a small space container garden. I am adding the links to the products that I am referencing. However, to be clear, I am not recommending any product or service at this time. I am simply sharing what my plans are. I will give an honest review of each product or service that I use. I am not being compensated for my reviews.

Our little “garden”

Since we live in an apartment, we have very little space to utilize for growing a garden. We have a nice size screened in porch area but much of the direct sun is blocked by the short surrounding walls. Last summer, I grew two tomato plants on the walkway in front of our door. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. We only got 4 small tomatoes off of the two plants. I don’t see it as a failure though. It was a good learning experience. It also was a great motivator to want to try more.

This year we will be going vertical! We are buying a stackable planting system that will allow us to grow more in that same small space. I will be starting mostly everything inside in my office under a light a couple months before they will be put outside in this growing tower.

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