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Before we set out on our first big gingerbread building adventure, I did a ton of reading online. I specifically wanted to know what I should do to be more successful than in the past years with the kits and graham crackers.

Best Tools for Gingerbread Building


Bulletin Board – I assumed that I would have to move our gingerbread farm to reach the back portions or for pictures at some point. As a result, we started with a solid base. We used kraft paper to cover the board to protect it so that we did not ruin it.


Microplane – The microplane also known as a zester or grater is the tool that I continued to come back to during the gingerbread building process. We were so grateful for reading about this tip utilizing this kitchen tool.  We used it when we needed to clean up the sides of gingerbread or file down pretzels.


Springform Pan Spatula – This little tool has been in our kitchen drawer for I don’t even know how long. I grabbed it because it is small and has a flat edge. I used it to mark the template on top of the gingerbread pieces for areas like windows and doors. It works great! During the process I made a comment to Husband that I did not even know what it was. He informed me happily that it came with the springform pan.


Pizza Cutter – A pizza cutter makes cutting out the templates for the gingerbread buildings easier. It is sharp and allows for one continuous movement, resulting in clean cuts. Husband did majority of the template cutting and preferred the pizza cutter over anything else.

Gingerbread Building - E. Jean Homestead

Best Tips From The Internet

  • Assemble your walls then let them sit for at least 8 hours before adding the roof. This gives time for the royal icing to dry completely.


  • Speaking of royal icing, use a good recipe that is meant for the task. Not all icings are created equally! You definitely want something that will hold those stiff pieces of gingerbread together. 


  • Decorate gingerbread pieces before assembling.


  • Roll and cut gingerbread pieces on parchment paper. It is easier to transfer the pieces to the baking pans without distorting the piece.

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