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Took a break from planning for a future farm and writing our business plan to write about writing a business plan…


I have previously mentioned our family’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, where we live on our land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Recently, Husband and I have decided that we do not want good clean food for just our family. We also want to help other families in our community to have good clean food for themselves. As a result, the homestead business plan has officially been started. We are officially planning for a future farm. In fact, much of the business plan is already finished.

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Writing our business plan has undoubtedly been challenging. As such, it is necessary to admit that I am hard on myself when it comes to writing this business plan. The pressure that I place on myself to exceed the expectations of any person who would read our business plan is, at times, intense. Why do I add this pressure to myself? As a young, Black female whom has zero experience in farming, I feel the need to convey with a high level of certainty that we are not going into this half-heartedly. Husband and I have spent the last few years reading, learning and planning what our future farm will look like. We will continue to invest in education and as many experience opportunities that come our way.

What are our challenges?

Our challenges are not uncommon to the challenges of other aspiring farmers; access to land and startup capital. According to USDA’s 2017 Census of Agriculture, most of America’s farms are family-owned with small family farms accounting for 88%. The USDA also highlights that most farmers are white males over the age of 55. We currently do not fit into those categories. As beginning farmers, there are government programs out there but those also do not come without their own challenges. To mitigate that common challenges, Husband and I have agreed to start as small as necessary. The first goal is to get land; whatever size that may be.


Additionally, finding a mentor has also been a challenge. While I have reached out to numerous outlets looking for a local farmer willing to be a mentor to us, I have had no luck. The search continues for that right relationship. Until we find the right mentor for us, I have been looking into opportunities within our community to connect with individuals who are currently doing the types of things that we would like to do in the future like gardening or raising livestock.

So, what is in our farm business plan?

In general, a business plan is a detailed plan laying out the objectives of a business, the strategy and tactics planned to achieve them, and the expected profits, usually over a period of three to ten years. There are a variety of business plan template out on the internet but none that fit our exact need. As a result, I pulled pieces and parts from different templates to make a farm business plan that works for what we want to do in the future.


Our mission for the farm portion of E. Jean Homestead is to provide the consuming public with healthy, organically grown products utilizing sustainable, permaculture principles. Nourishing the diversity of our community through clean, ethical food. Our plan for our future farm is to raise chickens for meat and eggs, raise goats and a have a large garden for fresh produce.

What is next?

We will continue what we are currently doing until the time comes that we find a place that will allow us to begin our journey toward a fully sustainable homestead that also provides our community with a place to get fresh, clean food for their family. Husband and I will be finding new ways to connect with like-minded people. We will continue to open ourselves to opportunities for learning and growth.


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