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Planning For A Future Farm

Farm Business Plan - E. Jean Homestead

Took a break from planning for a future farm and writing our business plan to write about writing a business plan…


I have previously mentioned our family’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, where we live on our land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Recently, Husband and I have decided that we do not want good clean food for just our family. We also want to help other families in our community to have good clean food for themselves. As a result, the homestead business plan has officially been started. We are officially planning for a future farm. In fact, much of the business plan is already finished.

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Small Space Container Garden Update

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A few months back we went through some planning for our container garden. Since then, we have adjusted some of our container garden plans including adding to our original list. The plan to help Beth plant a garden was abruptly halted due to social distancing. Despite this, I pushed ahead to grow as much as possible for our family in our container garden. By utilizing the grow tower and other various containers, we have maximized our growing potential. We are using the space on the walkway leading up to our door in addition to some empty space underneath our bedroom window. So far, our little container garden is working out well. We have started to weigh everything that we harvest so at the end of the year we will be able to put a number on how much we grow.

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Sustainability is Self-Sufficiency

Sustainability is a word that has been thrown around in the recent years. I hear it quite often nowadays. What exactly does sustainability mean? Why is it important? Most importantly, what exactly can we do to be more sustainable?

We cannot strive for sustainability without taking responsibility for a greater level of self-sufficiency. As my family strives to become more self sufficient, my definition of what that means developed largely from me learning about sustainability. The more self-sufficient we can be – the more we are able to meet our own needs, the easier it will be to live in a sustainable way.

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5 Time Saving Kitchen Tools I Love

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Fun fact, I like to cook. Well, I like to cook most of the time. There are some days, however, that the motivation to isolate myself in the kitchen to crank out a dinner, is just nonexistent. We will call these types of days, the kitchen struggle days.  Time-saving kitchen tools can be the make or break to what type of meal gets served.

On kitchen struggle days, I am looking for quick, easy and uncomplicated. Meal planning could definitely help with these days. Trust me, I am working on getting my life together in the meal planning category! In the meantime, we still need to eat!

Throw a cape on these 5 tools because they are the real superheroes on kitchen struggle days!

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Homemade Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Orange Cleaner - E. Jean Homestead


Fresh orange juice is amazing! Since we bought our juicer, oranges are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to juice. When we make a bunch of orange juice, we have a bunch of orange peels. I hated throwing them away so I have found a great way to use up those orange peels. Orange vinegar cleaner is an easy, effective and natural option for the home. Citrus peels contain a compound called limonene or d-limonene. Oranges contain the most limonene of any citrus fruit. Limonene is added to cleaning products for fragrance and its ability to dissolve oil.

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