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Planning For A Future Farm

Farm Business Plan - E. Jean Homestead

Took a break from planning for a future farm and writing our business plan to write about writing a business plan…


I have previously mentioned our family’s desire to live a sustainable lifestyle, where we live on our land and grow as much of our own food as possible. Recently, Husband and I have decided that we do not want good clean food for just our family. We also want to help other families in our community to have good clean food for themselves. As a result, the homestead business plan has officially been started. We are officially planning for a future farm. In fact, much of the business plan is already finished.

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My 10 Favorite Homesteading YouTube Channels

Homesteading YouTube - E. Jean Homestead

When I began researching, I thought to search for homesteading YouTube channels one day. Oh what a glorious rabbit hole that search took me down. One video led to more videos and different channels. Now I am hooked. Now that I think about it, I laugh. Is having a list of homesteading YouTube channels that I watch on a regular basis any different from the young kids nowadays watching YouTube videos of people playing games? Calling my nephew out on this one! Watching someone else live the lifestyle that you long for is, if nothing else, educational. Luckily for us, there is something else. In addition to educational, it is comforting and motivational.

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